Welcome to Antique Glass Studio. We are a business based in Bradford, West Yorkshire specialising in all things Stained Glass. Established in 1989 we pride ourselves on trading with one of the largest collections of stained glass panels in the United Kingdom.


At Antique Glass Studio we offer various services relating to stained glass. We can restore and repair your stained glass panel, caused by weather damage, a break-in or just as a result of old age.


We can carry out encapsulation too; this is the process of putting old stained glass into new double-glazed units.


If you have a specific idea in mind then Antique Glass Studio will design and create the custom piece for you. We have a unique 'Glass-Matching Service' which may help you to find that perfect piece of old glass for the job in hand.


If you simply want to buy or sell some stained glass then you are more than welcome to visit Antique Glass Studio and browse our collection - all we ask is that you let us know when you are coming so we can make sure someone is available to deal with you.